Looking for magic, adventure, and a touch of romance in your next read? Sample several chapters of Linked for free or buy the book now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In Linked, Fourteen-year-old Andra Quincy’s summer in Marina, the fog pit of Monterey County, isn’t exactly off to a great start. It’s her birthday, and her best friend has ditched her for a boy. Her parents are cruising the Caribbean while she’s at home rubbing her goose-bumpy arms and dreaming of sunshine and adventure, and being baby-sat by her flaky uncle, Ryan. But when Andra puts on her only birthday gift, a silver charm bracelet from Ryan, it plunges her into a magical alternate reality for each seven-o’clock hour.

Andra discovers that a local six-year-old, Morgan Baxter, thought to have been kidnapped, has actually disappeared into the Seven, a place that few have entered and most never escape. Determined to rescue Morgan from the Seven even though the kid is trying to kill her, Andra enlists the help of a dorky classmate she’s only known as Golf Ball Head, who turns out to be much more than she imagined, and Joel Westin, a trigger-happy boy from 1874, who both terrifies and charms her. Andra must figure out who to trust and how to get Morgan and herself out of the Seven before it’s too late and they become a part of it forever.

Try the first chapter for free, right here.

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  1. One of the best books I have ever read!!! I really hope there is a second book. I am sensing there will be since the end was a cliffhanger but I definately recommend this to teenagers.

  2. Just finished and am glad the sequel will be out soon. I hate being left hanging and wondering WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO JOEL! So look forward to the sequel. Great book.

  3. OMG . OMG. OMGGG! This book is AMAZING. I was reading this on my car ride today and I as soon as i started this i couldn’t stop reading. I LOOOOVE it. c; I can’t wait until the sequel!!

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